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Worrying warning lights on your dashboard? At LASolutions we can quickly identify the problem and stop costly component failures using state of the art car diagnostic test equipment But what is vehicle diagnostics?

Vehicle diagnostics involves the assessment and identification of problems within a vehicle using a series of tools and techniques that range from superficial physical checks to complex computer-based analysis. They help to determine any issues car owners may be experiencing with their vehicles, allowing our team to get to work on resolving the problem and ensuring that you’re back on the road as quickly as possible.

We can assure you that our technicians are regularly trained and our vast range of diagnostic equipment is frequently updated and we are capable of performing diagnostics on any make or model.

You’ll always pay a great price for our comprehensive vehicle diagnostics check – and the peace of mind is worth the money. The diagnostic checks we offer at LASolutions include:
• Warning light diagnostic scan
• Brake light scan
• ABS check/reset
• EPS diagnostic scan
• ESP scan
• DTC diagnostic’s
• Traction control
• EGR clean/reset
• Throttle body clean/reset
• Plug in check
• Service Reset
• Limp mode
• Misfire diagnosis

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